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Effective money management is the cornerstone to successful trading. The Volta Control Center lets you connect your choice of the top money management formulas to any strategy for optimal position sizing in manual or automated trading, taking account of your buying power, risk tolerance, and specified portfolio allocation. Your strategy knows when it wants the trade to enter, and the Control Center tells it how much.
The Volta Control Center is extremely simple to use with any existing Tradestation trading strategy. Simply insert the included function VT.SharesToTrade into your existing EasyLanguage code, where you would normally specify the static quantity of shares you would like to trade to enter. 
As you activate strategies that include the VT.SharesToTrade function onto charts, the symbols are auto populated into theControl Center app’s symbol dropdown box.  Then configure theControl Center’s settings for that symbol by choosing the account, account type, position sizing model, and then set the model’s inputs.  As the realtime strategy takes upcoming entry trades, theControl Center dynamically passes the correct entry trade share amount to the strategy for optimal account money management.
To aid in strategy deactivation and reactivation, Control Center automatically saves all inputs to file after each adjustment to preserve all settings per symbol, so these inputs are automatically recalled upon reapplying the strategy to a particular symbol after platform restarts, or reactivating the strategy to a chart containing that symbol.

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