"Pwn" the Market

Enabling institutional investors to access the US securities augmented by the cost cutting effects of blockchain-enabled automated settlement and clearing.

Volta Market provides institutional grade software for self-directed investment with a "crypto edge."

The Volta Market aims to fundamentally revolutionize stock markets and their inherent inefficiencies to empower the consumer through blockchain-based stock ownership.

Our Products


Voltamatic is a control center for a suite of products that function as a proprietary framework to deploy the strategies in our clients’ portfolio. It is the execution trading engine that enables us to trade multiple instruments (stocks, futures, options, and crypto), and will take positions in either the underlying, or an array of options strategies for that particular asset.

Grid Trader

Automatically launch preconfigured workspace templates from custom symbol lists. Eliminates the need to painstakingly open workspaces one by one, and reconfigure each workspace for each instrument.

Volatility Algorithms

We have 12 volatility breakout algorithms integrated into Voltamatic, each underlying strategy has a best suited options strategy for a particular trading condition.

Sector Rotation

Enables users to frame, select, forecast, allocate, and submit trade orders for a portfolio of up to 30 securities that are specifically tailored to each user's specified set of preferences, perspectives and objectives.


The Volta Launcher is a versatile trading app that auto scans for the optimal risk reward credit or debit iron condor to put on at the optimal time before or at an earnings announcement. 

It sets up the conditions under which other trades are launched and executed, including the Iron Condor.

Iron Condor

An Iron Condor is an earnings play based on the volatility around a stock's earnings announcement. The versatility of being able to play the derivatives instead of the underlying allows an account to leverage up or down at will.

Automated Trading

Our algorithm facilitates the best trading strategy based on your risk and reward preferences.

Institutional Grade

Get access to assets that only the 1% get to invest in.


Built on Open-Source tech stacks, you are able to fully customize your trading solution.

More Money, Faster

Save on burdensome and expensive exchange and brokerage fees.

You are being overcharged and underserved by Exchanges.

New research done by the Investors Exchange exposes the “Billion-Dollar Shakedown” and  shows that the Monopolistic Wall Street “stock exchanges are taking advantage of all of us.”